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Kid Rooms {ask a designer}

Hi there! I hope you had a sunny weekend.  It finally feels like Spring is on the way.   Today my friend is sharing some of her design knowledge on decorating tips for Kid Rooms.


Well, this is my first post about decorating so let me introduce myself, I’m Luana, a designer, and mother of two young boys.

Since having my first child, decorating kid rooms and nurseries has been one of my favorite things to do. Maybe because I’m a big child at heart. I think it gives you the opportunity to let your imagination fly, be creative, and think like a kid.
So here are a few tips to use when decorating your little one’s space, let the memories begin:

Make sure your child has input by asking what colors he or she likes best and what their favorite books, toys, and themes are.  These are some of the things that will imprint their unique personality on an important space in their life.


Photo by Therese Hagstedt

Try to display souvenirs from places you have visited.  I love doing this because it brings back happy memories for my kids.


Elle Decor Magazine, Photographer: Pieter Estersohn

Always think about their age, if that room will also be used as a playroom or if you need a desk for homework.  My personal preference is to always include a desk with creative/crafty materials to help encourage the child’s imagination.


 by Mackenzie Collier Interiors

Don’t be afraid of colors, make it playful, wallpaper is a great idea. One of my favorite decorating techniques is to paint stripes on the wall to add more interest.


Design by Luana Broyles, image by Kathy Baugher

Chandeliers designed for kids can be such a fun idea for any child’s room.  If you have a girl, you can always use something more delicate.  If you have a boy’s room, there are some cool airplanes and trains pendants.


The Handmade Home

Remember, kids are developing and growing so they need appropriate sleeping, make sure they have a nice mattress and bedding.


Up to Date Interiors

Storage space is always appreciated by any parent, especially if you can hide the clutter.


Up to Date Interiors

Display their art in their room, it will make them feel special.


via Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers

I’m also all about having a chic room for kids, I love to mix kids furniture with more modern furniture.


via Design Crises

And don’t forget that kids are always busy, so make sure they don’t have anything in their room that they can get hurt on.  Safety should always be first!


via Decor Pad



    1. LOL, yes my kids play in there. In fact, since they have their own floor in our three story house, there are hardly toys anywhere else. My son actually keeps his room clean (he’s 8) but its a never ending battle with Gwennie-bear. She has pulled furniture on top of herself, swung and bent the curtain rods, and has left her mark (with markers) on just about everything (including bedding).

  1. I can’t wait until we purchase a home here in TX. I have so many great ideas of Connor’s room and this post just added fuel to my fire. I love the clean looks with pops of color.

    1. Aw! Awesome. I can’t wait until my husband retires from the military so I can really get my hands dirty with home improvement projects. 😉 We will probably be buying a home in TX too.

  2. I know this is a post about tips but I’m so loving your little girl’s room! Right now we live in my husband old childhood home and I’m the fence about rather or not to decorate and redo any of it. We’re going to be here for at least 2 more years but I just can’t see myself decorating something that we’re only going to be at temporarily and then have to do it all over again when we move. Your blog always makes me want to go ahead and redo and redesign!

    1. YAY! I love comments like that. If you work on things that move with you then its totally worth it in my book. 😉 I battle with painting our walls bc we may be moving next year and we would have to paint them back. Boo.

  3. I love the idea of having chandeliers in a kids room. I may have to incorporate that for my daughter.

  4. I love the first picture of those shelves, is that a DIY project?? I would love to incorporate it into my own bedroom

    1. She bought the shelving but you could totally DIY it! I’ve also seen similar ones at IKEA and amazon. Just spray paint it in your choice color!

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