Handmade Christmas Decor: Day 4


5-days-of-handmade-Christmas-Decor-with datesHello dearies, how are you doing today?  I hope this week has treated you right so far, the weekend is just around the corner. =)

Today’s Handmade Christmas Decor you will probably have seen before.  I knew I wanted to add ornaments in this week and I have a huge box of scrape booking paper so paper ornaments was just the thing for today!


Supplies for this project: 

Craft paper

Paper cutter or ruler and scissors

Glue stick




Preparation for each ornament:
Choose two pieces of craft paper with contrasting colors/patterns

Measure and cut 5 strips from each sheet of paper.

1 inch by 8 inches x2

1 inch by 6 inches x2

1 inch by 5 inches (just one) this one is the center piece and will be the actual height of the ornament.

Tip:  You can adjust the size to make the ornaments larger or smaller by subtracting or adding an inch to each strip. If you start out larger you can make the adjustments when you assemble them.


Glue the two strips of the same size together with the glue stick (one from each craft sheet).

Stack the pieces in this order: Tall, medium, short, medium, and tall.

Secure with a staple at the bottom.

Push the uneven ends at the top so that they match up.  You can make adjustments by pulling on the ends to make the ornament wider or thinner.  I made all of mine different lengths and widths.  Once you like the shape, staple and trim the top if you need to.

ribbon-loopingPunch a hole at the top and loop a piece of ribbon through and your done! SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCI like the way they look hanging on my kitchen window with my paper trees! You can see all of the different colors and prints  I chose.

If you have missed Days 1-3 of Handmade Christmas Decor, you can find them here.

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See you tomorrow.  Head over to the winter holidays, DIYs, and decor page for more articles and resources!


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