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How to Light Every Room in Your House (with home lighting tips and ideas!)

Learn how to properly light every room in your house with interior decorating tips for home lighting and ideas that are easy to implement.
*Post updated 11/2017
Hey friend!  Do you ever wonder if you have proper home lighting in your house?  Or how to make rooms look lighter or more cozy with different types of lights?  Well, you are in luck.  Today I’m touching on four different types of home lighting and how to best use them.home lighting tips for renters and home owners

Home lighting tips for every space.    

My family and I  have lived in houses/apartments where there was hardly any natural light and we have had spaces that were completely filled with sunlight.  Lighting is a very important element for any space.  Artificial and natural lighting should be used to their full potential so you can enjoy a happy space! eclectic global bedroom decor

If your space does not feel warm and inviting after a long day out or bright and cheery during the day,  then evaluating your lighting situation might be the solution.
Home lighting tips for your house or rental.

Different types of home lighting.

Natural lighting:
  • Evaluating your space by seeing how much natural light you get throughout the day.  If your room is not facing East or West, you may want to consider adding a mirror opposite of your window to help reflect what natural light does come into the room.
  • Adding white and higher wattage light bulbs to your general lighting (more on that in a second!) will help too.
Add a mirror opposite a window to maximize natural light!
General or Ambient lighting:
  • Is the most common type of lighting.
  • It has an all over effect in your space and includes chandeliers, pendants, and table or floor lamps.
Renter tip:  Hire a handyman to replace a rental ceiling light fixture with one that you love.  Store the rental fixture in a safe place and reinstall before you move out. 
  • Try flanking table lamps on either side of your sofa on end tables, buffet, entry table, and bedside tables.
  • On a design aspect, they do not always need to be matching.  Try similar sizes but different styles for a more eclectic or informal look.
small space living room with multiple zones
modern fall decor that's renter friendly
  • If you want to try something a little different.  Try placing a lamp in your kitchen or bathroom to create a cozier feel.
  • Don’t let cord outlets dictate where you can place a lamp.  Run cords under furniture (but not under rugs) and around the edge of a wall.  Try placing a basket or floor plant in front of an outlet to hide the cords.living-room-tv-my-home-style
The next type of lighting is task lighting:
  • This should be used in any space where you focus on a task, such as your desk, reading spaces, cooking, crafting, or whatever floats your boat!
  • These type of light fixtures can be lamps or ceiling lights as long as they focus on a direct subject.
  •  A great option for a space that might not have the surface for a task lamp is using wall mounted reading/task lights or floor lamps.
Renter tip:  Use command strips to attach sconce and wall lights. 
Soft lighting and reading lamps in the bedroom to have a hgyye home
The last type of lighting is accent lighting:
  • Accent lighting is used to add visual interest highlighting pieces of art, sculptures, and plants.
  • Or to add a focal point when placed under cabinets, in bookcases, on walls (wall sconces), or recessed ceilings lights. soft lighting in the living room for hygge decor
Knowing the different types of lighting and what light fixtures are appropriate for each type will help you maximize the lighting in your own home.  I hope the examples ‘enlightened’ you to use the lighting in your space to its full potential!  😉
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P.S. For energy-efficient lighting, use Light Emitting Diode (LED) or Compact Fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs and install a dimmer when possible.
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  1. WE have NEVER had good lighting and we’ve lived with it and then just complain about it.. I wish I had a million dollars. I’d pay someone to set me up w ‘smart’ lighting.

    1. I’ve a good luck with Home Goods and thrift stores but sometimes I have to update a lamp shade (Garden Ridge) or spray paint the lamp base. Using the right light bulb can make a big difference. 😉 We lived in a very dark 1950’s ranch before we moved into this beach house FULL of windows and light.

  2. Incredible tips! Lighting is such an important issue at my house. I wish we had more light or windows in the right places! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. This post really resonated with me because we have terrible lighting in our house and I’ve been trying to figure out ways to remedy it. Thanks. 🙂

  4. I reacted to this post because my house has terrible lighting, and I’ve been thinking of improving it. I am planning to my home with beautiful clinging interiors so that those lights increase my home’s beauty and attract everybody’s attention. Thanks for your excellent article

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