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Love Your Space Challenge #2: Hang Something New on Your Wall


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Hi there! How did Day #1’s challenge go?

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Love Your Space Challenge #2

Hang something(s) new on your wall.

Do you have something your child drew and have been planning on framing and displaying?  How about a family photo that is still sitting in its envelope?

Option 1:  Hang a piece(s) of art or a photo that you already have.
tecidos-05via Art Data

Option 2:  You don’t have anything to hang?  Try hanging an object like a flat basket, pretty tray or plate, or even a silk scarf to bring new life into your living space.entry-basket-on-wallvia The Inspired Room

Option 3:  You have empty frames but not sure what to put in them. Well friend, I am here to help! Print an inspirational quote (Pinterest has some great ones), go outside and let nature inspire you, or use pretty paper (wrapping paper, craft paper, gift or shopping bag).

img_4403via Check Out Nuts and Bolts

Tip:  If you are only hanging one or two items, look for smaller wall space so that they aren’t “floating” on the wall.  For instance, between the corner of a wall and a window or between taller pieces of furniture works great.

My outcome:  I had a photo taken by my friend and a little piece of art that my grandfather had given me that needed a home.  I decided to use the far right corner of our living/dining room. SONY DSC

The green in the photo and the gold frame of the painting compliment the existing colors nicely!


Isn’t that neat? I hope all of you are participating in this challenge, its such an easy way to give your space a little face lift.  If you are worried about holes in the wall, you can always use command strips to hang something or just lean it on a piece of furniture.  I would love to see pictures of your pretty wall hangings on Facebook!!

Come back tomorrow for challenge #3,



  1. Great ideas! Always looking for ways to spruce up our space especially with items we already have or that were interesting and inexpensive. Thank you for sharing!

    1. I am the same way Courtney! I love the challenge of decorating a space by repurposing what I already have. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. If I didn’t live in a rental, I definitely decorate more! 🙂 I love looking at all the gorgeous photos you have!

    1. Lol, living in a rental never stops me! I guess I do have more holes to fill than most when I leave but that’s easy. You can always lean pictures or use command strips for easy removal. Thank you for the sweet comment!!

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