Love Your Space Challenge #4: Add Fresh Air


PicMonkey CollageI hope you had a wonderful weekend! This week we are finishing up our living spaces with two more challenges and then we’ll start making fun little changes to our “sleeping” spaces.  If you have completed any of the challenges from last week, I would love to see pictures. =) Just post them on Up to Date’s Facebook page.  If you missed any of them, just click on a link below.

Week 1 Living Spaces

Challenge #1: Move a Piece of Furniture

Challenge #2: Hang Something New on Your Wall

Challenge #3: Style Your Coffee Table

Challenge #4: Add Fresh Air

Challenge #5: Style Your Bookcase

Week 2 Sleeping Spaces

Challenge #6: Change Your Textiles (bedding)

Challenge #7: Change Your Drawer Knobs

Challenge #8: Have Your Clothes Ready to Wear

Challenge #9: Dress Your Dresser

Challenge #10: Be Ready for Guests

Week 3 Eating Spaces

Challenge #11: Set Up a Tea/Coffee Station

Challenge #12: Spruce Up Your Seating

Challenge #13: Organize Your Pantry. Fast.

Challenge #14: Style Your Buffet/Sideboard

Challenge #15: Treat Your Kitchen Window

Week 4 Bathroom, Laundry room, and Office

Challenge #16: Make Your Bathroom Pretty

Challenge #17: Organize your Laundry Room

Challenge #18: Repurpose Something!

Challenge #19: Conquer Paper Clutter

Challenge #20:  Organize a Junk Drawer

Love Your Space Challenge #4

Add fresh air!

Option 1:  Bring fresh air into your living space by adding a potted plant.  If you have allergies, consider using a Parsley, Thyme, Swedish Ivy, or Peperomia plant and stay away from Fig plants.

Living-Room-Furniture-Plant-Layout-Ornament-Creepvia BHG

Option 2:  If you prefer a little more color, add a few flower stems to a pretty vase.

101814888.jpg.rendition.largestvia BHG

Option 3:  Clip some budding branches or evergreen sprigs from your yard to bring the outside in.

spring-bloom-willow-chair-lvia Southern Living

My Outcome:  I found a cute planter with birds sitting on a branch.

SONY DSCI hope I see you tomorrow!  Remember to post pics or leave me a comment and tell me about your projects.  I love talking decor. 😉


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  1. This is the first type of challenge I have seen like this and I like it. So different and a great way to start actually sprucing up the place where you live.

    1. What a sweet compliment Kita! I’m trying to make them simple and easy enough to actually get done but still want them to have an impact on the space.

  2. LOVE! With how freezing it is outside today these pictures just make me feel all warm and sunny like Springtime! I love them all so much and I’d gladly take a house styled any way like this 🙂 I especially love option 1 and 2! What a warm post 🙂

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