Modern Mediterranean Kitchen Plans

Modern Mediterranean Kitchen Plans for an Okinawan rental. Before pics, mood board, and diys ideas included.

UPDATE:  You can read about the kitchen makeover HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Hello! We are happy to have our family back together again.

Today, I wanted to share my plans for our kitchen with you.  To remind you of what we started with when we first moved in our Okinawan rental.

house13 house12 house4

There was also a little update a while ago with our loaner appliances and my fabulous new rug.

Once our “true white” appliances came into the kitchen, the cabinets looked less bright and more cream. Not bad but I knew it could do better!  The rug is in our foyer so really the space is starting from scratch.

Here’s some of my

Here is the mood board I created so you can get a better visual of the “feeling” for the room.

modern mediterranean kitchen
We have stainless steel counters but I’m not afraid to add some copper accents to the space.  A mediterranean blue and white rug will give the space an appropriate coastal vibe and other carefully placed accents and details will hopefully imply a little old world charm in a modern style.  All of the materials I’m choosing will compliment the existing tile and glossy white floors.
I really can’t wait for this space to be finished.  The bottom cabinets have already been transformed and they look amazing!  I also found the perfect rug (a different pattern than the one above).
That’s all of the secrets I’m giving away for now.  Oh, except that it’s a really inexpensive makeover!

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