Try a Dollar Store Fall Garland DIY with Silk Leaves and Paint

Try this easy dollar store DIY painted Fall leaves garland for a chic and fun way to add seasonal decor to your home.

Happy first day of Autumn friends!!    Welcome to day 3 of the Fall Series.  I’m sharing another easy and inexpensive Fall DIY that looks trendy and fun with painted leaves for a dollar store fall garland.  

This is our first Fall stationed in Okinawa, Japan and I’m already missing pinecones and turning leaves that I usually collect.  To make up for all of the beautiful green foliage outside, I’m bringing a little Fall color inside.   Let’s get started!

Easy Painted Leaves Dollar Store Fall Garland

Thank goodness for 100 yen stores which are the Japanese dollar stores. I’ve been able to keep up with seasonal crafting since I don’t like to buy Fall decor unless it is something unique or vintage. Being stationed overseas also means we don’t have all of our household goods with us so decorating accessories are limited.

Super cute white, copper, and orange fall leaf garland made with dollar store supplies hanging on a white wall with a pinterest graphic.
DIY Dollar Store Fall Garland

Supplies for dollar store painted Fall leaves garland:

Your materials will probably look different than mine since I’m shopping overseas. But I know I’ve seen all of the supplies at the Dollar Tree in the states although I prefer craft store spray paint over the dollar store options as the coverage is usually thin. Use a coupon if you are purchasing spray paint at the regular price! Joann and Hobby Lobby often offer 40% off.

  • Dollar store silk leaves, either 4 sprays or a bag of loose leaves. Whatever you have available at your local dollar or craft store.
  • Spray paint in white and gold or copper. The warm metallics look great with the orange maple silk leaves!
  • A large needle and thick thread like embroidery  floss. I used a sewing needle and double my regular sewing thread since that is what I had available.
Dollar store maple leaf sprays and spray paint are laying on a white table.
Fall Garland with Dollar Store Supplies

How to make dollar store fall garland:

  1. Read the instructions on the spray paint can. Okay, mine was in Japanese but here are the usual steps.
    • Shake the can for 60 seconds.
    • Test the spray on a piece of cardboard or scrap paper in a well-ventilated area.
    • Hold the can 12 to 18 inches away and move side to side consistantly for even coverage.
    • A couple of light coats is better than a heavy coat and will help prevent drips. Good spray paint dries quickly so you can spray a second coat when the first is dry to the touch.
  2. Spray paint most of the leaves white leaving some of the orange exposed and let dry.  You can do this by spraying the spray and not worrying about each individual  leaf. Let leaves overlap a little when laying them out to paint if they came loose in a bag. Flip over the spray or loose leaves and paint the other side.
  3. Spray paint a few of the leaves copper using the same method in step two and let dry. (I painted 3 sprays of leaves white and one spray copper.)
  4. Remove each individual leaf from stems with wire cutters or scissors if they are attached to a branch. Leave about 1/2 inch of the stem at the top.
  5. Tie thread around the first leaf by pushing the needle through near the edge with the stem and tying a knot at the end of the thread. Leave enough of a tail to hang the finished garland! Thread the remaining leaves once near the stem edge once the first leaf is held in place.  Tie off the last leaf the same way you did the first one.
  6. Hang your garland on a mantel, shelf, or wall. I love displaying garland on headboards, mirrors, and around door frames too!
A picture collage showing steps for how to make a Fall leaf garland with dollar store leaves and spray paint.
Steps for DIY Fall Leaf Garland

Isn’t the fullness of it great? No skimpy silk leaves hanging here.

A modern fall leaf garland idea with dollar store supplies hanging on a white wall.
Orange and White Autumn Leaves Garland

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Chic and trendy fall leaf garland hanging in a rental house above a baby grand piano.
A Hint of Fall in Our Living Room

I hung the garland right above the piano on my DIY washi wall. The walls in our house are concrete so decorating them has to be renter-friendly and creative!    The warm colors look so great with the light wall color.

I feel like there’s just enough orange and copper peeking through to keep it from being cheesy. Decorating with silk foliage is tricky! I love it when it turns out fresh and lovely.

A close up picture of DIY Fall silk leaf garland with white, orange, and copper painted leaves strung together for a full and fluffy garland.
Great Texture and Color

Even though we had a really hot day today but inside with the AC running and touches of Fall decorating here and there makes it cozy! 

Orange, copper, and white painted fake leaves garland hangs on a white wall.  Peasant feathers in a wood vase  in on top of a piano with music books.
Fall Garland Can Hang Right on the Wall!

Check out these beautiful options if you don’t have silk maple leaves available. A DIY paper leaf fall garland from The House That Lars Built and book page leaf garland from this story.

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