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Learn how to find your design style with simple tips and tricks!

A guide for “how to find my design style” in your house with designer tips and tricks that will help you be confident with decorating.

Do you know what looks good in your space?

Taking a little time to discover your design style will make all the difference. Turn your home into a beautiful haven without spending much money. 

When choosing decor accessories, furniture, prints, and colors, take the time to research online and in stores, so you know exactly what suits your taste and what you can afford. 

When working with a budget, it’s smart to know how much things are going to cost so that you will not be surprised in the end. We’ll show you how!

How to find my design style?

Start by looking at decorating magazines (or their websites online for free) and take note of which rooms catch your eye. (Our favorites are Elle Decor and House Beautiful!) You will start to notice a trend in what you prefer in furniture styles, color, and decor by looking at similarities and comparing the pictures. 

Open magazines of interior decorating for inspiration.
Magazine Inspiration

Collect pictures in a scrapbook or on Pinterest.

Being creative and thinking outside the box will help you save money when you decorate. Start with what you have and repurpose it to achieve the design style you enjoy.

Mint green interior front door and gray with metallic spots stenciled entryway walls. Green plant and lots of light.
A Well Designed Foyer

You can transform an antique furniture piece into a more modern and sophisticated one, with few changes to the surface and hardware, spending way less than purchasing a new one.

By changing just a few details, your house can get a whole new look.  For example, try changing the room layout or furniture color by adding new pillows or slipcovers.

Adding window treatments to maximize your ceiling height and window width can completely change a room!   All you need is to experiment and have a little confidence to create a beautiful and up-to-date room.

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Check out these additional tips below for a room-by-room guide.

Find Your Style Room by Room

Living Room

The living room is a place where the decor should be harmonious and cozy, as it is a space where family and friends gather often.

  • To give a distinctive look and brighten the atmosphere, consider changing the color of one wall to create an accent wall or a focal point.  Choose bright and saturated colors for larger rooms and more light and neutral colors for small rooms to help disguise the size of the space.
  • Wallpapers, wall fabrics, and textured paints are also great options for creating an inviting room design.
  • The decor should not be too loud.  If your room feels too busy or crowded, try investing in more modern pieces to help unite the space.  Vases, flowers, candles, and table lamps, all give a special and unique touch to your room.
  • Mirrors, paintings, and photographs should be spread throughout the space in different frames to catch the light and add personal sentiment and style.  Similar frames and styles are calming while different styles create a more eclectic style. All of these accessories are great allies in room decor.
  • Reclaim the pillows with colorful prints or textured fabrics,  and perhaps added accents, such as buttons and trim.  If the sofa needs a makeover, choose neutral fabrics to keep you loving it for many years. Find out when it’s smart to reupholster or to buy new in this article.
  • Antique furniture can bring some interest to the room when mixed with more modern furniture.  Always include a surprise element in the room.
Jewel toned anthropologie curtains frame a grand piano with dark green wall and light blue rug.
Jewel Tones Piano Studio


A bedroom is a place where the decor should be quieter and with clean, simple lines to keep the space feeling relaxed. 

  • For the walls, choose lighter, softer colors, and delicate wallpapers, that bring peace and tranquility to the room.  Think about colors inspired by the oceanside.
  • Or try a darker nature-inspired wall color to create a cozy nest while keeping the bedding light and neutral with subtle hints of accent colors.
  • Sometimes just adding new bedding and curtains will do the trick.  Invest in elegant bedding and luxurious window treatments.
  • The bedroom decor does not need to be extreme. Picture frames and paintings on the wall with personal photos give joy to the space and bring special memories.
A beautiful and bright bedroom corner with a tallboy styled with bird art, aloe plant in a chinoiserie bowl, and woman's bust.  Blue and white accents.
A Lovely Styled Tallboy Dresser


The bathroom can be a sophisticated space or a fun space, especially if you have little ones. Try these tips on how to find your design style for the bathroom.

  • Invest in pretty dishes that can hold small accessories, soap, and toiletries, and include nice cotton towels.  
  • Vases with artificial flowers can be tricky to use but if you can find one that can “fool” your friends, it can add to the space.  (Read this story about using artificial flowers and creating floral arrangements!
  • Use a beautifully framed mirror or a frame-less, hung mirror to get away from the “builder grade” look.  To make any room look more custom and professionally designed, try changing out the light fixture and also consider choosing one that is unexpected.


The kitchen should feel fresh, clean, and airy. 

A bright and white kitchen in the background with a glass kitchen table and blue chairs in the dining area and green velvet sofa are an example of showing my style.
My Eclectic Traditional Design Style
  • Try using bright hues and consider using a glossy finish on your wall paint to help reflect light.  The kitchen decor should include modern amenities and a great layout.
  • When deciding on window treatments, avoid covering any natural light with blinds.  C
  • hoose simple accessories that flow with the furniture design and avoid too much clutter on the countertops.  Try to create a place to hide your small appliances.
  • Pictures on the walls, a good light fixture(s) or even a chandelier will “make” the room. Also, a custom backsplash can bring the room to life.
White kitchen cabinets that go to the ceiling and soft neutral granite countertops.
Neutral Kitchen with Art and Decorating Accessories

More tips for home decor

  • It is possible to find beautiful objects without huge price tags, you just need to do some research before buying them. Look for cheaper alternatives at stores like TJMax and HomeGoods or shopping estate sales and thrift stores.
  • Create some of your decorative accessories.  Look around on Pinterest and other DIY websites for ideas.  Besides having a unique piece made by you, it can add a nice balance with new or old decor and make your space more personal.
  • Flowers and plants create Feng Shui and have health benefits when added to a room.  Repurpose old vases and planters with spray paint for a cheap alternative to new ones.
  • You do not have to have a lot of money to create an amazing space, you just need to be creative, do some smart shopping, and think outside the box.
Modern coffee table styling with candles, books, vase, and plants in how to my find my design style.
Art, Candles, and Plants in Neutral Colors all Work Well Together

I hope this has helped you gain some insights on how to find your design style for either your home. Remember, the most important thing is to have fun and let your creativity flow!

Check out this fun design quiz. I got vintage salon and was thrilled with the results. 🙂


Luana and Kathy

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  1. I loved your idea of using bright hues and using a glossy finish on for wall paint to help reflect light. and the idea of including modern amenities and a great layout in kitchen decor.

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