Friday Favorites No 8

Friday Favorites is back! At least for this week.  We get so busy on the weekends that I haven’t been spending too much time on the computer.  Life is hard here on the island y’all!  I’ve been wanting to take more pictures of this gorgeous place but I keep forgetting to bring my good camera and when I do, I don’t give it enough time to acclimate to the humidity so the lens just keeps fogging up.  Must do better in the future….friday-favorites-no9

Bedroom Sneak Peek | Bios on the Hill | French Toast from Real Cafe

Other things I’ve enjoyed recently:

I already own two of  these fabulous prints but I really would like one of each of the many awesome choices. From Cozamia.  If you haven’t seen her art, you should check it out. 

Three beautiful summer home tours from bloggers you might not have met yet.  You can find them here, here, and here.

Inspiration from a Tribal Hotel.  Yes please.

This charming front porch makeover.

What have you been inspired by lately?

Have a lovely weekend,




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