How to Decorate a Stunning Christmas Tree with Flowers


Create a show-stopping tree with floral stems and easy decorating tips for how to decorate a Christmas tree with flowers.

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” That’s right friend, it is time for all things holidays. I’m kicking off two favorite series today.

We are starting with My Home Style Blog Hop Christmas Tree Edition hosted by the lovely Casa Watkins Living where dozens of bloggers are sharing their gorgeous trees all week in a variety of styles and how to recreate the look.

This blog hop leads Stephanie from Casa Watkins Living and me into our annual A Very Global Christmas series, a place to find 12 days of globally inspired holiday DIYs and decorating ideas. You can find all previous stories from both series on A Very Global Christmas page.

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree with Flowers

My Romantic, Natural, and Maximalist Tree

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A special welcome if you are coming from Stephanie’s Christmas Tree story! I’m always blown away by her unique and beautiful trees and excited to see what her theme is this year. Make sure to scroll all of the way to the bottom to see other Christmas trees today and the lineup for the week.

A picture demonstrating how to decorate a Christmas tree with flowers showing a woman in a red floral dress placing pink and red flowers in a spiral shape on a large tree that is fully decorated with lights, moss balls, and fruit ornaments.  Wrapped presents in botanical wrapping paper are under the tree.  You can see a woman's portrait on a green wall behind the tree in this maximalist living room setting.
My Romantic, Natural, and Maximalist Tree

I love coming up with a new theme each year and usually repurpose past years’ Christmas decorations but have always wanted to do an all floral tree. Joann’s generously sent me a gift card so I could get all of the floral stems I needed for this year’s tree.

A beautiful Christmas tree decorated with floral stems and moss balls in a corner of a white wall and dark green wall with a woman's portrait.  Gold mirrors hang behind the tree and you can green garland on the white wall.  Wrapped presents in botanical gift wrap sit on a blue and white area rug.
The Floral Christmas Tree

This is the first year that our Christmas tree has all never been used before decorations on it and I’m feeling a bit spoiled! Let’s get to the inspiration and key elements.

Romantic Natural Maximalist Christmas tree pinterest graphic showing a decorated floral tree and materials used.
Romantic, Natural, Maximalist Christmas Tree

Moss Balls | Cherry Blossom Spray | Cherry Blossom Spray in Burgandy | Fairy Lights

How To Decorate a Christmas Tree With Flowers  close up picture of pink, red, and purple flowers with moss balls and pomegranate ornaments.
How to Decorate a Christmas Tree with Flowers in a Garland Shape

I knew I wanted to incorporate floral and leafy stems, a few moss balls that were purchased at a local estate sale by a friend, and potpourri which I had planned on using for other holiday DIYs. The floral colors were pulled from the beautiful velvet floral curtains and my grandmother’s portrait.

A gorgeous and colorful maximalist Christmas tree near a piano and floral curtains.  A woman's portrait hangs on a dark green wall and a pair of gold mirrors on a white wall.  Gifts wrapped in botanical wrapping paper.
A Colorful Christmas Corner

I always seem to find a way to incorporate a little of Japan since I lived there before moving to Fort Worth. The Japanese cherry blossoms and moss balls remind me of our time there.

A close up of a DIY pomegranate ornaments with potpourri hangs from velvet ribbon on a floral decorated Christmas tree.
DIY Pomegranate Ornament

I also found bags of faux pomegranates on clearance at Joannes and was eager to incorporate them with the potpourri. After doing a little research on the winter fruit I learned that it is a symbol of prosperity and good fortune and a single fruit is hung above the door of your house on Christmas day in Greece.

A close up look to a Christmas tree with a large green moss ball and purple leaves and pink flowers.
Moss Ball and Floral Stems

With potpourri originating in France, that’s a fun mix of global elements. This tree in a weird way represents places I’ve been and places I want to go. Ha!

A baby grand piano sits near a floral decorated Christmas tree with a dark green accent wall and white wall with gold mirrors.  Wrapped presents are on the floor.
Maximalist Style Christmas Tree

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree with Floral Stems

Here’s what I used for our seven-foot full-size tree. These were all the bushel type of stems, not single flowers and the amounts are approximate.

  1. 20 stems of dark purple leafy stems
  2. 20 stems of red cherry blossoms sprays
  3. 36 stems of light pink cherry blossoms sprays
A beautiful pink and green floral decorated Christmas tree with a pair of gold mirrors behind it.
How to Decorate a Christmas Tree with Flowers

Make a Floral Garland

  • Prepare your floral stems by dividing them by color and trimming stems if they are long than 6-8 inches. Select the side of the tree that gets seen the most and start at the bottom right.
  • Start with one color of stem and bend it into a “C” shape. Tuck the bottom so it is hidden in the tree branches and let the flowers or leaves sit in between the branches. Continue in this fashion.
  • Start shapping a curve with more stems and have it spiral upwards around the tree adding stems as you go until you have 3-4 curves in a continusoud spiral. (If your tree is in the corner just cover the front and side!)
  • Make adjustments until your spirals look even and conisitance.
  • Add your next color of floral stems on top of the first spiral.
  • Finish off with a final color of stems in a third row.
  • You may want to seperate a bushel and tuck individual stems when you get to the top to thin out the end!
A woman in a red dress hanging a fruit ornament on a floral decorated tree.  A dark green accent wall with a woman's portrait and mirrors frame the tree.
Trimming the Tree

Another new thing I did this year are the tree lights. Instead of regular Christmas tree light strands, I purchased one very long fairy LED light strand with copper wiring so I wouldn’t have to worry about hiding the cords.

A beautiful green and blue room with a decorated floral Christmas tree in the corner.  A piano sits in front of a large picture window and wall that is painted dark green.  You can see a large portrait of a woman behind the tree.
Floral Tree Near the Piano

I really love how much easier the decorative lights and flowers were to traditional lights, garland, tree toppers, and ornaments on such a big tree that never feels “full” enough for me. More is more! lol

While this tree has all new elements this year I still have bins of our special ornaments and traditional tree trimmings. I decided to purchase a second smaller tree for the kids (really just my daughter) to decorate on Thanksgiving. We are looking forward to going back to our traditional time to decorate and I can’t wait to show you that at the beginning of December.

Now head over to my friend Tracey from Mocha Girl Place for the next Christmas Tree inspiration!

My Home Style Christmas Tree 2020 graphic.
My Home Style Blog Hop


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