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Love Your Space Challenge #11: Set Up a Tea/Coffee Station {free printable}

PicMonkey CollageHow do you take your coffee or tea?  Personally, I love drinking a cup of jo in the morning (with a little fat free half and half) and then tea (straight up) in the afternoon and evening.  Today’s Love Your Space Challenge is all about making tea and coffee drinking functional and fun!  If you are new to the Up to Date Challenges or have missed any of the “sleeping” and “living” spaces just click on the links below!

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Love Your Space Challenge #11

Set Up a Tea/Coffee Station

This challenge is centered around the idea of letting our kitchen’s organization work for us.  If you already enjoy using a tea/coffee station, just scroll down to the bottom for the free printable.

Option 1:  This would be ideal, right?  Gorgeous tea canisters, espresso machine, glass shelving….


Option 2:  If you want your tea station in another room or have an extra bar cart lying around…..

trolleyA Beautiful Mess

Option 3:  Cute little tray to corral your tea items on your counter top.

tea stationVintage Pretty Pearl

(You have to check out this link from Vintage Pretty Pearl.  She has the prettiest plate display on her kitchen wall!)

Option 4:  If you prefer not to have your items out on display, an organized drawer will store things nicely.

tea-and-coffee-drawers-2Org Junkie

My outcome: A tray to corral my tea cups, spoons, and honey that sits directly under my tea cabinet and conveniently by the kettle on the stove.  Perfect!


My gift for all of you! A free printable“Keep Calm, It’s Tea Time.” (created as an 8×10)


I think it IS time, catch you later alligator,



    1. Thanks Teresa! All of my mugs were Christmas and Birthday gifts (which happens to be the same day). My teacups on the counter are from Pier1 and the mugs in the cabinet I believe are all from TJ Max.

  1. I love this!! A good cup of black tea with honey and a twist of lime puts me in my happy place! Now after seeing this I want a tea station! Lol

    1. Mandi, that sound delicious. I’ve never tried lime before… Having a tea station sure makes it more fun to drink tea!

    1. Thanks Aria!! I love coffee too, I either use a French Press or we use our coffee pot on the weekends. I keep it all stored in the same cabinet. 😉 Thanks for coming by!

  2. Great ideas here, Kathy! I love the idea of a coffee bar in my home, though I know I would be the only person using it, as my husband is not a coffee-at-home person. It’s a gorgeous addition to the kitchen (or any room where it might be displayed, based on these photos!)… and I love how you incorporated a tray into yours!

    1. Thanks Erin! It would be fun to have a cart set up in a sitting room or something for guests. I do have friends over for tea often. Before; my mugs, spoons, coffee and tea were dispersed all over the kitchen, this is much more convenient and cute. 😉 I appreciate your comments as always!!

  3. I love what you did with your space! And thanks for the printable! I’m inspired to re-create something myself…. we shall see! LOL

    1. Thank you, I love how it turned out and it so much easier having all of my tea/coffee items all together. Have fun re-creating!!

  4. I have a Tea/Coffee Station so to speak between my kitchen and breakfast room … it is on an old solid maple chop block … Did this at Christmas time and love it … yours is very charming 🙂 Where did you find the Tea Spoons w/ cups on handle ? I have special ones from Wales, but sure like the ones you have w/teacups on them ….

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